Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry

We are deeply blessed at Second Pres to have an active Stephen Ministry Program. Stephen Ministry offers one-on-one, confidential, Christ-centered care to members in our congregation going through a transition in life.

A Stephen Minister has had 50 hours of training so that he or she may walk alongside another through a time of transition in life. Each Stephen Minister is matched with a hurting person—men are paired with men, women are paired with women—and meets weekly for about an hour with that person to listen, care, pray, and encourage.

Stephen Ministers care for those going through grief, divorce, job loss, hospitalization, cancer, financial struggles, loneliness, convalescence, chronic illness, terminal illness, spiritual crisis, and many other times in life. Everything shared with a Stephen Minister remains completely confidential. Even the relationship itself is kept in highest confidence.

If you are a member of Second Pres, a Stephen Minister can be available to you. Please speak with Pastor Susan Moorefield to learn more about this healing ministry. There is no cost to you. If you are presently receiving professional counseling or therapy, Stephen Ministry is not for you. A Stephen Minister is not a trained therapist, but a friend to walk alongside of you, to listen, to sit with you, to be on this journey with you. A Stephen Minister is not there to tell you what to do, but to support and allow you a time to be in the company of a Christ-centered minister.

Here is what others have said about care they received through Stephen Ministry:

“My Stephen Minister walked with me through a really dark part of my life, pointing me to the truth and love that is in Christ.”

“I thank the Lord for my Stephen Minister who did not try to solve all my problems, but lovingly, as a Christian brother, walked along with me.”

“If you are dealing with some type of crisis or difficulty in life, I encourage you to meet with a Stephen Minister. You won’t regret it!”

If you are interested in becoming a Stephen Minister, contact Susan Moorefield so that you can be involved in providing care to members who are in need.

Stephen Ministry is a national program used by many churches of different denominations. You may learn more about Stephen Ministry on their website. A brief interview on PBS will also give you more information.