Leadership & Government

The Presbyterian form of government vests authority in laypersons elected by local congregations who are known as "ruling elders". Together with "teaching elders" who are the ordained ministers, they are responsible for the leadership and government of their particular church as well as the larger church. Ruling elders serve as members of the session at their local church. They represent the other members of the congregation, yet their primary responsibility is to discover and represent the will of Christ as they govern.

Elders can be elected as commissioners to the higher governing bodies: presbyteries, which are composed of all the churches within a particular geographic region; synods, which are composed of several presbyteries; and the General Assembly, which represents the entire denomination.

The Session of Second Presbyterian Church

Members are elected for three year terms

Shannon Doyle Shannon Doyle
Laura Edwards Laura Edwards
Brad Hume Brad Hume
Jim Irving Jim Irving
Janet Lambert Janet Lambert
Susan Ochs Susan Ochs
Sharon Stern Sharon Stern
Bill Stites Bill Stites
Tom Tyrrell Tom Tyrrell
Andrew Moloney Youth Elder Andrew Moloney
Rebecca Brown Rebecca Brown
Scott Carothers Scott Carothers
David Dorsey David Dorsey
Chris Ellis Chris Ellis
Jennifer Ferguson Jennifer Ferguson
Ginny Jones Ginny Jones
Kristen Leggett Kristen Leggett
Patti Odgen Patti Odgen
Larry Sloan Larry Sloan
Elizabeth Scinta Youth Elder Elizabeth Scinta
Harper Smith Youth Elder Harper Smith
Allen Bahe Allen Bahe
Ed McShane Ed McShane
Sharon Owens Sharon Owens
Lawrence Palmer-Ball Lawrence Palmer-Ball
Darren Parks Darren Parks
Jeff Roberts Jeff Roberts
Joy Sautter Joy Sautter
Jennifer Scott Jennifer Scott
Monique Tilford Monique Tilford
Eloise McCarthy Youth Elder Eloise McCarthy
Grady Shiflet Youth Elder Grady Shiflet